Buck Board: 2022

Chad Garteski - Broker/Owner Weiss Realty, MN Bow Buck
Mitch Stamm shot this Giant Buck in Eau Claire County
Brody Weiss Pepin County
Jennifer Nolte shot this amazing buck in Fillmore County.
Jason Johnson happy Weiss Realty client with 20 3/4” wide Houston County buck.
Brock Garteski Winona Co. MN
Cole Anacade Winona County, MN
Addi Weiss Pepin County
Lydia Evans Pepin County
Fletcher Weiss & Lydia Evans Buffalo County
Brody Weiss Buffalo County
Fletcher Weiss Buffalo County
Weiss Realty Land Specialist Alex Loesel Heavy 9pt Buffalo County
Willow Lange took this awesome buck on the Fillmore County MN farm her family purchased through Weiss Really earlier this year.
Fletcher Weiss - Wabasha County
Nic Dittbrenner Houston Co. MN Very Happy Weiss Realty Client.
Mason Lockery Buffalo County
Weiss Realty Client Chris Lockery Buffalo County
Weiss Realty Client Ryan Handke Trempealeau County 10Pt
Weiss Realty Client Rollie Thomas Trempealeau County
Cary Hansen Buffalo County 164 5/8'' 9pt
Weiss Realty Client Dakota Waletzko Buffalo County Heavy 9pt
Weiss Realty Client Ryan Howell Buffalo County 10Pt
Alex Loesel ended October with a Bang in Buffalo County
Charlie Meyer Pepin Co.
Camden Bergler’s fist solo buck and biggest to date. Cam’s family purchased their Houston County MN farm through Weiss Realt
Brock Garteski Wabasha Co. MN
Very Happy Tom Pie shot this bear in Washburn County.
Harper Pie's 1st Deer on Opening Day of Youth Hunt
Joe Braun Very happy Weiss Realty client Winona County, MN
Weiss Realty Client Treyce Sanderson WI Archery Buck
Weiss Realty Client Treyce Sanderson does it again in Houston Co. MN
Simon Scheel with his buck in early crossbow season Buffalo Co. WI.
Langdon Dobbs Gun Youth Hunt in Monroe County. Field Dressed 225 pounds.
Aiden Dittbrenner a Very Happy Weiss Realty Client. Houston Co. MN
Jace Garteski Fillmore Co, MN First Deer
Westin's Archery Buck, MN
Kendyl's Buck Youth Hunt, MN
Laura, Aiden & Carter with a one day haul off the property they bought through Weiss Realty!
Willow Lange 12 years old year old shot her 1st deer, Fillmore County
Jon Yanta New Mexico