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Adams County owes much of its breathtakingly spectacular scenery to the geological twist of fate that spared all but the eastern edge of the county from the worse ravages of the crushing ice mass during the previous glacial epoch about 12,000 years ago.

Slowed in their relentless advance by the deep basins of Lake Superior and Michigan to the north and east, the lobes of the great ice sheet diverged, spreading around and bypassing most of southwestern and central Wisconsin, including nearly all of Adams County. The glacial lobes rejoined to the south, thereby encircling sections of Wisconsin and neighboring states in a ring of ice demarcating what is known as the Driftless Area because of its lack of rocky glacial debris.

As a result, the scenery of Adams County harks back to an ancient time before the glaciers planed and abraded the landscape into the great plains characteristic of the upper Midwest. Fantastically shaped spires, pinnacles, and castles, domed buttes and flat-topped mesas, through more typical of the American West, are found throughout Adams County.

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