Our Agents: Gordy Weiss

Gordy Weiss grew up in the heart of West Central Wisconsin in Pepin and Buffalo counties. When he was not tending cattle on the family farm, young Gordy spent a good deal of time in the whitetail woods, learning about their behavior and habits.

Today Gordy brings his experience in farming, logging, construction, property management and real estate together to assist clients with their purchase and sale of properties.  Buffalo County offers some of the richest, most fertile soil in the nation. And it's no secret that Buffalo County, Wisconsin has produced more Boone & Crockett whitetail record book entries than any other county in the nation, 30 years straight.

An accomplished bow hunter, Gordy spends his sacred free time planning for the upcoming season, hanging stands and working the dirt. Gordy has been fortunate to harvest several bucks in the 150" to 160" range with his bow.  In 2008 and 2010 respectively, all of his hard work came together when he harvested a couple Pepin County giants with bow and arrow; a 186" and a 170”. In 2012, he was very fortunate to harvest a 160" buck nicknamed "Cob" while his son Fletcher captured the entire hunt on video!  In 2017, Gordy was fortunate to have had a very successful muzzleloader season and took a 190" class buck in Buffalo County!

As a Land Specialist and licensed real estate broker in Wisconsin and Minnesota, Gordy assists and advises clients on the best practices in farming for wildlife, food plot considerations, real estate investment and available government land and crop programs. There is nothing better to him than helping customers achieve their land ownership goals.

Gordy's wife and three children play an integral part in his success. As a land steward, Gordy understands the roll future generations will play and wants to pass along his passion for whitetails and the outdoors. Gordy is constantly furthering his education and knowledge and follows a strict code of ethics for honesty and integrity.

With many years of hunting experience and some of the best whitetail hunting land for sale in the world, Gordy has the essentials to help buyers and sellers bring their land ownership dreams to reality!

*WI/MN Licensed Real Estate Broker

Some recently SOLD properites:

1060 Aces Chippewa County
330 Acres Buffalo County
306 Acres with Home Trempealeau County
217 Acres with Home Buffalo County
212.82 Acres Buffalo County
178.5 Acres Pepin County
178 Acres Trempealeau County
175 Acre Dairy Farm Pepin County
171.5 Acres Pierce County
153.36 Acres Eau Claire County
119 Acres Buffalo County
115.32 Acres Pepin County
110 Acres Buffalo County
104 Acres Pierce County
95 Acres with Home Trempealeau County
80 Acres with Cabin Buffalo County
65.5 Acres Trempealeau County
60 Acres Dunn County
50 Acres with Home Trempealeau County
46 Acres Pierce County
21.22 Acres with Home Buffalo County
20 Acres Buffalo County
13.5 Acres with Home Buffalo County

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